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Physical Therapy Articulation Information

Arcadia University

James Madison University has an 4 + 3 articulation agreement with Arcadia University.

To be eligible for the terms of this agreement, students must minimally be matriculated full-time at JMU for their final four (4) semesters in one of the following majors:

  • Health Sciences
  • Athletic Training
  • Kinesiology
  • Biology
  • Psychology
  • Chemistry
  • Nursing
  • Integrated Science & Technology
  • Dietetics

Acradia University will grant assured admission each year into the Doctorate in Physical Therapy program for up to three (3) qualified JMU students who successfully complete the following requirements and procedures outlined. If the number of qualified students from JMU exceeds three (3), students will also be considered in the general pool of applicants.

  • Complete the degree requirements for previously listed majors
  • Successfully complete the prerequisite course work for the DPT program. Prerequisite courses include:

    • Three courses in biology, including Human or Mammalian Physiology with lab (a two-semester anatomy/physiology course with laboratory would meet this requirement)
    • One upper level (300-400) Biology course of at least 3 credits or equivalent upper level science (300 or 400 level course with a biology focus).
    • Two courses each in chemistry with lab, physics with lab, and psychology
    • One course in statistics
  • Achieve a minimum 3.5 GPA overall and a 3.5 in prerequisite courses. A grade of “C” or better must be earned in each prerequisite course.
  • Achieve a minimum total score of 1050 on the verbal and quantitative portions of the Graduate Record Examination, with no single score below 450. A minimum score of 4 is expected on the analytical portion of the test. Applicants should request that scores be sent directly to the Enrollment Management Office by filling in Arcadia University’s school code (2039) on the GRE form. Scores cannot be more than three years old at the time of application. This test is generally taken in the student’s junior year.
  • Develop knowledge of the profession through work or volunteer experience in a clinical setting: Students must document exposure to more than one practice setting. For example, experience in hospital-based inpatient or outpatient departments, private/corporate owned outpatient clinics, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, schools, or sub-acute units.
  • Provide one recommendation from a licensed practicing physical therapist.
  • Be recommended by the Pre-Physical Therapy Coordinator at JMU.

Students will submit a completed application to Arcadia University for admission into the Doctorate in Physical Therapy Program by October 15 th in the fall of the senior year. Upon acceptance into the program, students will be required to pay a deposit by November 15 th in order to reserve a seat in the class. Any offer of scholarships or other assistance will be made known to the student upon the offer of acceptance.

Students must meet all applicable Arcadia University DPT program deadlines pertaining to application for admission, orientation and registration, and payment of tuition and fees. Arcadia University will waive the $50 application fee.

Students whose credentials do not meet the requirements that assure them automatic admission to the DPT program may still apply. They will be considered in relation to other qualified candidates in the general applicant pool.

Visit Arcadia University for more information on the Doctorate of Physical Therapy Degree. For further questions regarding this agreement, please contact Marty Eastlack, PT, PhD at (215) 572-2864 or by email at eastlack@arcadia.edu