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Pre-professional Health Programs

IIHHS offers advising and evaluation services for JMU students pursuing professional health careers.  Pre-professional health (PPH) programs are not majors, minors, or concentrations.  Rather, they are preparation programs that outline a set of JMU courses and requirements that commonly serve as prerequisites for admission to doctoral and masters-level professional programs.

JMU offers nine pre-professional health programs, each with a faculty coordinator:

Schools of professional health are most concerned with the overall scope and quality of a student’s undergraduate performance. It is important that students select a major based on their academic interests and aptitudes.  Advising for PPH students is supplemental to and coordinated with Freshman Advising, Major Advising, and the office of Career and Academic Planning (CAP).  To get help with deciding on a major, you might want to explore the “Choosing a Major/Career” part of the CAP website.  To explore the diverse array of expanding health career options, we recommend you start at Explore Health Careers.Org.

Bulletin Board Dr. Sharon Babcock, Coordinator of JMU's Pre-professional Health Programs stocks one of JMU's longest bulletin boards with resources and information for the university's pre-health students

Service activity, experience, and exposure to a variety of healthcare settings are highly recommended to PPH students considering a professional health career.  Requirements for these types of activities vary among programs; students should inquire with their respective program coordinator for guidance.  A 16-foot bulletin board outside the PPH office (HHS Building, Room 2154) contains announcements about summer internships, volunteer programs, and/or health-related elective coursework and opportunities.  PPH students on our mailing list receive email announcements of PPH-related events, electives, summer research programs, as well as volunteer, internship, and employment opportunities.  The Job & Internship Websites at CAP are also helpful!

Student organizations provide multiple venues to participate in community service and to interact with health professionals.  PPH students are encouraged to participate in AED (Health Pre-professional Honor Society), Pre-Dental Society, Pre-Medical Association, Pre-Occupational Therapy Society, Pre-Pharmacy Society, Pre-Physical Therapy Society, or the Pre-Veterinary Society.  We encourage you to explore the directory of JMU Student Organizations at the Student Activities & Involvment website.

Pre-professional programs are intended as guidelines only and will fulfill the admissions requirements of many, but not all, professional programs.  Since different professional schools often have unique requirements, students must inquire with their school(s) of interest for definitive admission policies and requirements.  Remember to work closely with your PPH program coordinator to aid your planning and preparation for a professional health career.

Questions?  Contact us at pph@jmu.edu

Want to get involved and participate?  Use the PPH calendar.