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The Northwest Virginia Ryan White Consortium

The Red Ribbon Kiosk is an online resource created by the Northwest Virginia Ryan White Consortium. The information, sample case management forms, and links provided are to assist Consortia members and stakeholders.

What is the Northwest Virginia Ryan White Consortium? 

The Northwest Virginia Ryan White Consortium  consists of community-based organizations located in the cities and adjacent county service areas of Charlottesville, Fredericksburg, Harrisonburg, and Winchester, that provide medical supportive,  prevention, and education services to persons who are HIV infected and affected within the Northwest Region of Virginia and other interested parties who the existing membership believe would contribute to the goals of the organization including individuals living with HIV/AIDS (consumers).

What is the Mission and Goals of the Northwest Virginia Ryan White Consortium?

The mission of the Consortium is to provide a forum for Ryan White CARE Act-funded organizations and consumers to identify needs, establish priorities for services, and to collaborate in the provision of services to persons infected and affected by HIV.

Our goals are:
  1. To promote and encourage effective delivery of services by organizations providing care and supportive services to those infected and affected by HIV.
  2. To encourage and promote coordination of those services and cross-part collaborations.
  3. To collaborate with the regional Lead Agency in its administration of Ryan White Part B funds, including the conducting of needs assessments and the setting of regional priorities for services based on the findings of needs assessments and other consumer input. This will be formalized in the Consortium’s Strategic Plan.
  4. To encourage Part B subcontractors to diversify funding sources in order to enhance access to services and to promote sustainability and viability.
  5. To increase and diversify membership to represent fully all affected populations.

For additional information please contact the Consortium Lead Agents

Gary Race racegs@jmu.edu or Jane Hubbell hubbeljx@jmu.edu