James Madison University

Student Reflections

“The time that I gave was so appreciated, but I also received so much from the experience. To be able to see the selflessness of the mother and family was amazing.”

“I can see personal changes within myself that I will take with me as I proceed into my professional career.”

“I did not realize the magnitude of knowledge and respect for disabled pediatric patients and their families that I would gain through this experience.”

* comments from student evaluations of the initial pilot of the Precious Time concept, conducted during the 2005-06 school year and involving twelve students and seven families.

The Precious Time pilot was conducted with much success and enthusiastic support from participating families.

Comments from Parents

JMU’s Precious Time respite program has been such a blessing to our family.  My kids are so excited to meet and work with these JMU Nursing Students during the spring and fall semesters.  Together they bake cookies, make crafts, play outside, play games, etc.  It is also so nice to know that we have such trustworthy, dependable JMU students caring for our children while my husband and I spend quality time together.  We go to the movies, out to dinner, or simply go to the grocery store.  There are even times when I go out with my girlfriends to get our nails done and go out to dinner.  Precious Time has not only allowed my husband and I the opportunity to strengthen our marriage, but has allowed me to reconnect with my friends.  Overall I have less stress and the challenges of having a child with special needs are not as intense because I have a healthier balance of responsibilities and relaxation in my life. 

Several students have stayed in touch with our family after their semester with us has passed.  We have celebrated their graduation with them and their families, exchange Christmas card.  They even bring our children gifts on their birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas.  The blessings continually flow. Thanks so much Precious Time!

As a single mother of two children--one with special needs - I appreciate the respite childcare provided by Precious Time nursing students.  The students have all been wonderful!   Without exception, they have sensitively cared for my daughter and have been open and willing to learn, and they have been very reliable.  I am grateful to be the beneficiary of Precious Time services!

Precious Time has been a tremendous service to our family.  My daughter often asks “are the girls coming today”?  We appreciate them and their willingness to help our family.